Learning Karma Lessons

Hypnosis is a powerful resource through which we can both understand our karmic purpose (what we are supposed to learn on the physical plane), as well as work out karmic lessons. The only two emotions to deal with are love and fear.

By far the most difficult karmic lesson to learn is the expression of love and the acceptance of unconditional love. Angels, or spirit guides, represent this principle to the highest degree. Inner fears and compromised levels of the soul’s development block our ability to learn this lesson.

We see the chakras functioning as a repository for these karmic lessons in the forms of illness. For example, congenital heart defects in the current life may be the physical manifestation of a blocked heart chakra from a previous incarnation to either express or give love to others.

Diseases of the lungs and thymus gland may result from a blocked heart chakra. These energy centers known as chakras function as a repository of soul’s energy, along with their karmic tests and responses and in previous incarnations. Physical illness often is simply the expression of these unlearned lessons, as I discuss in my books, Soul Healing and Protected By the Light.


Gland It Monitor

Body Influence




Ketheric Body

It is where our soul merges with God.



Celestial Body

Access to the future.



Etheric Body

The force that binds the universe.



Astral Body

Bridges matter and spirit.


Adrenal, Spleen

Mental Body

Thoughts, judgements and opinions originate here.


Peyer’s Patches, Lymphatic

Emotional Body

All emotions are processed here.



Physical Body

All physical sensation originates here.

Through hypnosis you can use a technique I call the higher chakras link to balance your chakras, psychically protect you and maximize your ability to communicate with spirit guides. This will facilitate your ability to learn karmic lessons. Here is the higher chakras link:

  1. Sit comfortably or lie down. Breathe deeply and apply protection. Focus your attention on the Third Eye region of your forehead. This is located between your eyes, and is sixth chakra.
  2. As you inhale, imagine a glowing white light being drawn in this Third Eye area and creating sensation of warmth. Hold this focus for a count of eight. Now exhale and repeat this procedure two more times.
  3. As you inhale again, see this glowing white light being drawn up to the crown chakra located at the top of the head. See a rainbow bridge for a count of eight at the crown chakra, exhale, and repeat this procedure two more times.
  4. Visualize the rainbow bridge moving bridge moving into the Third Eye chakra and finally into the throat (fifth) chakra. As you inhale feel this warm sensation permeating the throat. Hold this focus of the rainbow bridge in the throat chakra for a count of 6, exhale, and repeat this procedure two more times.
  5. Imagine this rainbow bridge moving from the throat chakra into the heart ( fourth) chakra. This is the area in the middle of the chest, at level of the heart.
  6. As you inhale feel this warm sensation permeating the heart chakra. Hold this focus for a count of 8, exhale and repeat this procedure two more times.
  7. Finally, inhale deeply and hold your breath for a count of 10. As you hold your breath, visually link up the rainbow bridges in your heart, throat, Third Eye, and crown chakras with a band of glowing white light. Feel this link as a warm, tingly sensation. Exhale slowly and repeat this procedure two more times.

You have now activated your higher spiritual centers

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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