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1. $15.95 Exploring The Fifth Dimension

2. $15.95 Ascension

3. $17.99 Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis With a Free CD

4. $16.99 Self Hypnosis with a FREE CD

5. $14.95 Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment

6. $15.95 Astral Voyages

7. $14.95 The Search For Grace

8. $15.95 Past Life Future Lives Revealed

9. $14.95 Look Younger, Live Longer

10. $14.95 Time Traveler Confidential: The Apocalypse - A Novel

11. $15.95 Time Travelers From Our Future

12. $15.95 Protected By The Lig

13. Spiritual Growth Experience

14. $16.95 Karmic Capitalism

15. $14.95 Unleash Your Psychic Powers

16. $30.00 Sexual Bliss Workbook

17. $30.00 Chakra Healing Workbook

18. $30.00 Memory Improvement Workbook

19. $10.00 How to Get on Radio and TV

20. $16.95 Soul Healing

21. $16.95 Custom Design Your Destiny with a FREE CD

22. $12.95 Lose Weight Permanently and Naturally


1. $21.95 Soul Healing plus Superconscious Mind CD or Cassette (a $33.95 value)

2. $17.95 Lose Weight Permanently and Naturally plus Weight Reduction CD or Cassette (a $29.95 value)

3. $19.95 Unleash Your Psychic Powers plus Develop Your Psychic Powers CD or Cassette (a $31.95 value)

4. $20.95 Exploring The Fifth Dimension plus Fifth Dimension Travel CD (a $32.95 value)

5. $19.95 Look Younger Live Longer plus Slowing Down The Aging Process CD or Cassette (a $31.95 value)

6. $21.95 Karmic Capitalism plus Karmic Capitalism CD or Cassette (a $33.95 value)

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