Hypnosis Sessions By Computer

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Preferred payment method:

Credit card payments can be received via email or over the phone. Paypal payment can be sent to drbg@sbcglobal.net. Session will be scheduled and confirmed after payment. You can expect to receive a response from Dr. Goldberg in your email inbox within 48 hours of submitting this form. Thank you.

The initial session is 3 hours and the fee is $500. Follow up sessions are 90 minutes and the fee is $250.

Send your physical mailing address, credit card information with expiration date and CVV numbers, time zone, availability and Skype, Face Time or Zoom contact.

Dr. Goldberg’s office can be reached at 818-713-8190 to schedule a session. 

Advantage of Dr. Goldberg’s Hypnotherapy

  1. Short Term and Self-Directed Hypnotherapy.
    Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, 98 percent of the hypnotherapy is done by patient. Although most goals can be accomplished in a small number of sessions, some individuals require more sessions depending on their motivation, spiritual foundation and complexity of their goals.
  2. Psychic Empowerment and Relax.
    Since you could be trained to use subconscious mind to access your Higher Self and raise your conscious level, I refer to this as psychic empowerment. Learn to take charge of your life by way of your mind. Ninety-eight percent of this hypnotherapy will be done by you during your dream cycle at night.
  3. Learn Self Hypnosis and Relax.
    All patients are trained in the art of self-hypnosis. This will relax you and allow you to deal with potential stress more effectively. Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
  4.  Spiritual Growth.
    My techniques are designed to train you to raise the quality of your consciousness (spiritual growth). This will facilitate your eventual ascension (elimination of the need to reincarnate). As you grow spiritually your psychic skills will also improve