Invite Dr. Goldberg To Speak

Progressive Hypnotherapist

How to Get Your Organization a Top Speaker on a Hot Topic … and yourself a Check for up to $1,000 or more!

Dr. Bruce Goldberg is one of America’s top speakers on hypnosis and alternative medicine – – one of the hottest topics today. He has provided interesting, informative and entertaining talks on this and related topics before groups of every size and type throughout America.

Yes, you too can now learn about psychic empowerment, stress reduction and other topics that have endeared Dr. Goldberg to countless people looking for their true purpose. You’ll quickly discover why so many groups and organizations have invited him to their lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Why not invite Dr. Bruce Goldberg to speak before a group of organization that you belong to? They’ll thank you for the idea because once he takes the podium, you’re guaranteed fresh, innovative ideas, provocative techniques, fascinating case histories, dramatic demonstrations and humorous touch that is the trademark of Dr. Goldberg’s presentation.

This can add up to big money for you and for every little effort. You may find yourself with a check for $1,000 to $3,000 .. just for few minutes’ work! You will receive 10 percent of the speaking fee paid to Dr. Goldberg.

What makes Dr. Goldberg so easy to sell?

He can talk on a wide range of related subjects and can tailor a presentation precisely to the needs and interest of your group.

He’s a proven performer. Dr. Goldberg comes complete with a stack of recommendations and testimonials. But, you can see for yourself how clearly and interestingly he presents material simply by clicking on the workshop link above. For your review, request a DVD of one of his presentations.

Now think of all the organizations you belong. What professional or business association are you affiliated with? Do you work for a large company with employee group interested in this topic? What alumni, fraternal, or sorority groups do you belong? Do you know any meeting planners? Do friends or relatives belong to organizations that would benefit from what Dr. Goldberg has to say?

Tell us immediately if your organization is interested. We’ll quick follow-up and make all further arrangements directly with the meetings planner. All you have to do is sit back and wait your referral fee.

Do you need more details? We will give you a long list of possible program topics as well as further biographical details and referrals from other organizations. Simply call us at 818-713-8190 and we will be pleased to send you the requested information.