How To Use My Tape

Select a room that is quiet, dimly lit and comfortable and in which you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes. Loosen any tight clothing so you can breathe easily and remove your shoes and glasses (or contacts). As you play the tape (preferably using headphones), let your mind connect with my voice and the music, or just let it wonder. Do not focus on what I am saying or attempt to force scenes or images.

Play these tapes daily, the earlier in the day, the better. Only my insomnia and lucid dreaming tapes are designed to be played right before going to sleep. The more frequently you play these tapes, the greater will be your expereince. The music on my tapes is designed to promote physical health, emotional growth and stability and spiritual awakening.

If you have purchased a cassette album, play the tapes in the exact order listed on the front of the album.

There are no Subliminal Messages on These Tapes