How Can We See Into The Future?

My experience with guiding patients into their future has give me a certain vantage point of the universe that is enlightening and worth sharing. Basically there are six ways to learn about the future. These are:

  1. Clairaudience – Hearing sounds or voices that is undetectable by our ears concerning the future. Try my Develop Your Psychic Powers tape to attain this.
  2. Clairvoyance – The ability to see activities, people and objects from the future, not with our eyes, but with a sixth sense. Try my Develop Your Psychic Powers tape to experience this.
  3. Forecasting – Making predictions of the future by use of mathematical projections or other objectively obtained data.
  4. Prophesying – Reading the future from subjective impressions or feeling in an altered state of consciousness. Use my Access the Akashic Records tape to practice this method.
  5. Age/Future Life Progression – Using hypnosis to actually see into the future before it occurs. My Future Life Progression and Select Your Ideal Future tapes train you to do this.
  6. Fifth Dimension Travel – This out-of-body experience is associated with increased sensory awareness and a loss of a sense of time so that it is impossible to differentiate the future from the present. When the scene from the future actually becomes reality, you feel as if you have seen this before. My Fifth Dimension Travel tape is designed for this goal.