Access the Akashic Records Exercise

  1. Use any of the previous self-hypnosis or other exercises to relax and apply white light protection. Lie down or sit in an easy chair, and when you are relaxed turn your attention inward and center it on the area of the third eye. See it glow with a golden white radiance and feel it pulsate with energy. As you do this, your realization of the sounds, colors, and temperature in the room around you should gradually fade, and as they do so the subtle psychic stirring will become more noticeable.
  2. At first, this may be only an impression of inner light or of brilliantly illuminated geometrical figures, or of stars shooting by in ordered procession, or some other visual appearance which will probably be meaningless. Or your first impression may be of sound, as I have previously described.
  3. Focus your mind, not on the Akashic records themselves, but on a specific historical event for your initial trails. For example, I suggest you study first the discovery of radium by Marie Curie or the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
  4. Your next step is to go to that historical event and ask yourself: “What happed that afternoon?” If you have properly prepared yourself, you will find yourself drifting into a scenario-like dream.
  5. In the earlier stages or your development you will not get clearly defined contacts that you can recognize as such, so don’t expect them. Accept the dream-like sequence that passes before your consciousness as you sit in reverie. Remember what you observe and write it down as soon as possible thereafter.
  6. During these practice sessions your should “feel” this connection between your waking consciousness and the Akasha. When this has been accomplished and you can recall and incident from the past as simply as you can look up an account in the encyclopedia, you are then ready to move on to next step.
  7. The next step is to repeat the previous steps, omitting the preparation phase consisting of reading about the historical event.
  8. Next, check your data with specialty books written about that event in detail, not merely an encyclopedia summary.
  9. After successful completion of this step, move on to your own future. Begin with a short range, say one week to a month. Log all of your observations into a journal and occasionally verify the accuracy of your prophecies.
  10. With a proven track record, you are now ready to venture much further ahead in time in your current life. Try five years, ten years, fifty years, and so on.
  11. You may move several hundred years into the future and explore future lives. My book Past Lives–Future Lives (1988) and Soul Healing (1996) describe nearly twenty such cases as far forward as the thirty-eighth century!
  12. Lastly, tap into the general Akasha and allow your consciousness to tune into future world events, inventions, lifestyle changes, and so on.