Hypnotherapy Sessions

Advantage of Dr. Goldberg’s Hypnotherapy

1. Short Term and Self-Directed Hypnotherapy.
Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, 98 percent of the hypnotherapy is done by patient. Although most goals can be accomplished in a small number of sessions, some individuals require more sessions depending on their motivation, spiritual foundation and complexity of their goals.

2. Psychic Empowerment and Relax.
Since you could be trained to use subconscious mind to access your Higher Self and raise your conscious level, I refer to this as psychic empowerment. Learn to take charge of your life by way of your mind. Ninety-eight percent of this hypnotherapy will be done by you during your dream cycle at night.

3. Learn Self Hypnosis and Relax.
All patients are trained in the art of self-hypnosis. This will relax you and allow you to deal with potential stress more effectively. Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

4. Spiritual Growth.
My techniques are designed to train you to raise the quality of your consciousness (spiritual growth). This will facilitate your eventual ascension (elimination of the need to reincarnate). As you grow spiritually your psychic skills will also improve.

Hotels within two miles from Dr. Goldberg’s office:

1. Extended Stay America – 800-EXTSTAY or 818-710-1170

2. Red Roof Inns – 818-347-8080

3. Holiday Inn – 818-883-6110

Hotels within four miles of Dr. Goldberg’s office:

4. Hilton – 800-922-2400

5. Marriott – 800-228-9290

Dr. Goldberg's Code of Ethics and Goals

To promote the credibility and acceptance of hypnotherapy.

To add to the public’s knowledge of hypnosis by way of articles, books, media interviews, seminars and workshops.

To add to the scientific literature on hypnosis through the publication of scientific articles.

To maintain the highest standard of knowledge, skill and communication abilities with regards to clinical applications of hypnotherapy.

To foster the spiritual growth and well-being of each patient.

To train all patients in the art of psychic empowerment and self-hypnosis.

To model the highest ethic code and integrity in all phases of clinical practice of hypnotherapy.

To accurately represent all claims regarding the benefits of clinical hypnosis.

To never abandon a patient with unresolved goals and spiritual issues.

To present the truth as discovered through working with patients and research, regardless of how controversial it may appear.

To always practice what I preach and be open to modification in any previously established paradigms.

To maintain the confidentiality of all matters, information and goals discussing during hypnotherapy, regardless of the age of the patient.


Thank you for considering our office for your therapy. We take great pride in our approach we feel that it is our responsibility to render the finest type of hypnotherapy service. Since empowerment of the patient is the basis of this approach, the responsibility and credit for any results are due to you, the patient.


Appointments may be made by calling (818) 713-8190. 72 hours is required to cancel an appointment or the full fee will be charged. Messages left with our staff or answering machine will be returned promptly. Send your physical mailing address, credit card information with expiration date and CVV numbers, time zone, availability and Skype, Face Time or Zoom contact. Out of town patients will require a three hour appointment daily and the fee is $500.00 per session. For most cases a maximum of 5 three hour sessions is all that is needed to complete the training from my techniques. Local patients from Santa Barbara to San Diego only will also require a 3 hour initial session, with subsequent appointment being 1 1/2 hours in length and the fees for these subsequent sessions are $250.00. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
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Hypnotherapy is a method utilized on all patients. All therapy session are conducted personally by Dr. Bruce Goldberg.


A. Conscious Dying and other ascension techniques.

B. Improved performance in sports and artistic endeavors.

C. Psychic development.

D. Developing Career Goals.

E. Slowing Down the Aging Process.

F. Spiritual development- tapping into one’s Higher Self.

G. Past Life Regression.

H. Future Life Progression.

I. Out-of-body experiences.

J. Spirit Guide Contact.

K. Psychic Protection From Negativity.

L. Accessing your Akashic Records.

M. Application of Universal Laws.

N. Abundance – Karmic Capitalism.


Make all checks payable to Bruce Goldberg, Inc. and mail to 5354 Quakertown Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91364