Protected by the Light: The Complete Guide to Psychic Self-Defense

Protected by the Light: The Complete Guide to Psychic Self-Defense

Protected by the Light is an important and timely book that was greatly needed. I highly recommend it.” Brad Steiger, Returning from the Light.

Are you being attacked psychically?

Yes! Every day you are exposed to negative forces in the environment from cynical people, malicious people, media advertisements, noise pollution and many other sources. These psychic attacks can cause neuroses, physical illnesses, bad luck-even accidents. Another 10% of psychic attacks are due to metaphysical sources such as black magic, demonic spirits, poltergeists and energy vampires.

Protected by the Light is the first ever, comprehensive guide to diagnosing, treating and preventing psychic attacks. Dr. Goldberg uses the latest research on energy fields, auric bodies, chakras, white magic, black magic, possession and demonology, as well as case histories from his hypnotherapy practice – to explore and explain the phenomenon of psychic attacks. The book includes more than 55 exercises to help you strengthen your aura and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones against all forms of psychic attack. Psychic protection of this type brings with it a personal empowerment like no other.

Any emotional imbalance may lower our resistance and allow for a psychic attack to occur. It is the energy imbalance of our soul that causes this emotional vulnerability in the first place. Anything that we can do to raise the quality of our soul’s energy will build up our emotional and physical immune system. Our aura will be strengthened and no psychic attack will be possible.

3rd Edition (Paperback)
236 Pages
ISBN: 1-57968-018-6

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