Just Say No To Entities

There are many types of entities that assist us with our spiritual growth. These perfect beings are referred to as spirit guides or angels. In certain instances these entities can protect us from physical harm, and can facilitate a major turnaround in our lives.

However, these are our other types of entities that function to drain us, and need to be both confronted and removed. I refer to this syndrome as subpersonalities.

A subpersonality is an attached entity that negatively affects out behavior. It may be a remnant of their past-life history and personality, or it may be the energy of another soul.

As a result of this supersonality attaching itself to our aura or soul itself, a Jeckyl/Hyde-like personality change often is observed in the affected individual. They may, for example, suddenly act considerably out of character. Their actions may even be self-destructive. They may suddenly know things that they would have no reason to know. Or they may begin referring to themselves in the third person, saying things like, “let Jane figure this out.”

Other characteristics common to those with subpersonalities are:

  1. Autism
  2. Anorexia Nervosa
  3. Bulimia
  4. Emotional instability
  5. Insomnia
  6. A pattern is established of shifting psychosomatic complaints
  7. Memory lapses
  8. Drug abuse
  9. Migraine headaches
  10. Abusive relationships
  11. Depression

Subpersonalities are rarely stable. Left untreated, people who have subpersonalities may exhibit bizarre and unsettling behavior. These entities can attach themselves to our very being at any during our lives, but most commonly become part of our awareness during traumatic episodes.

Psychiatrists would label these subpersonalities as Dissociative Identity Disorder (which was previously called Multiple Personality Disorder). As is often the case, conventional therapists miss the point with these unusual cases.

There are four types. Here is a summary of these subpersonalities:

  1. Poltergeists. Ghosts or poltergeists comprise the most common category of subpersonalities. These entities are souls who lived as humans, but crossed into spirit (died) and have refused to enter the white light (their Higher Self), which is critical for them to reincarnate. These spirits usually do not desire to take over the body of the host. They are merely dysfunctional souls that attach themselves to our aura as a comfortable place to nest.
  2. Extraterrestrial (ETs). Occasionally ETs attach themselves to our soul’s energy. This is done to study our reactions, as they appear to be fascinated by our emotional responses to study our reactions to stress.
  3. Past Life Personalities. In rare instances one of our past lives can remain as a subpersonality, and attach itself to our aura in an attempt to take over our body or just cancel our actions.
  4. Demons. Demonic entities were never human. They are fallen angels, and they have been around since the universe was created. During possession, their goal is the permanent takeover of an individual’s body and soul. In order for a demonic to take control of our soul, it requires our permission. Playing with Ouija boards and attempting to contact spirits without the benefit of white light or other protective techniques are examples of how this permission may be granted. This is the least common type.


A good examples of a poltergeist attack occurred to a patient I shall call Vanessa. Through hypnosis, I learned that Vanessa had attended a funeral in 1993. The spirit of Ingrid, a psychotic woman who committed suicide at the cemetery, attached herself to Vanessa. Superconscious mind taps and integration quickly sent Ingrid’s subpersonality to another dimension. Vanessa today is happier than she has ever been.

Past life possession attempts are fortunately quite rare. Claudine’s case is a good example of this phenomena. She was murdered in a past life by a man named Sam. Sam had killed her in a jealous rage, but he was never punished for the crime, which took place more than 150 years ago.

Claudine came to me because she had been plagued by alcoholism and depression. What I regressed her through hypnosis, we discovered that Sam’s fragmented subpersonality had attached itself to her. That disturbed, murdering aspect of Sam’s soul was still jealous of her, and it wanted to wreck her current marriage to Tom.

The treatment was surprisingly simple. In a single session with both Tom and Claudine, I used hypnosis to connect Claudine’s subconscious mind, or soul, with her Higher Self, or superconscious mind. I asked her Higher Self what the origin of the problem was. Claudine’s voice suddenly became very deep and low and Sam began speaking to me. Tom looked on, shocked, with his jaw hanging open.

I then confronted Sam. I directed Sam to enter the white light. By contacting its own Higher Self, a soul will, to a certain degree, raise the quality of its energy and better prepare itself for a future life. Once the subpersonality enters the light, it can never return to bother the host again.

Following very simple hypnosis techniques, dysfunctional behaviors stop immediately. My patients describe the effect as having a burden lifted or a blockage removed. They return to normal life, feeling stronger than ever. If you feel you have a subpersonality, I highly recommend my psychic protection from negativity and superconscious mind CDs

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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