Fifth Dimension Exercise

Now listen very carefully. I want you to imagine a bright white light coming down from above and entering the top of your head. Filling your entire body.

See it, feel it and it becomes reality. Now imagine an aura of pure white light emanating from your heart region.

Again surrounding your entire body. Protecting you. See it, feel it and it becomes reality. Now only your masters and guides and highly evolved loving entities who mean you well will be able to influence you during this or any other hypnotic session. You are totally protected by this aura of pure white light.

In a few moments I am going to count from 1 to 20. As I do so you will feel yourself rising up to the superconscious mind level where you will be able to communicate with your Higher Self. Number 1 rising up. 2,3,4 rising higher. 5,6,7, letting information flow. 8,9,10, you are half way there. 11,12,13, feel yourself rising higher. 14,15,16, almost there. 17,18,19 number 20 you are there. Take a moment and orient yourself to the superconscious mind level.

Now I want you to merge with your Higher Self and be prepared to enter a wormhole. Take a few moments and perceive yourself actually entering and merging with the white light of your Higher Self. Do this now.

Play New Age Music For 2 Minutes

Now that you have become one with your Higher Self, you are free to control this experience completely protected and out-of-your body. See a wormhole in front of you and enter it. This is a gateway into the Fifth Dimension. From here you can travel to parallel universes, the past, the future, or just remain in this Fifth Dimension hyperspace.

Focus on meeting other souls in this hyper-universe. Take a few moments and open yourself to encountering other entities. You are perfectly safe and protected and you will only attract positive people and souls into your awareness. Do you this now.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

You have done very well. At this time I would like you to attract a time traveler into your particular location. Ask your Higher Self to invite a time travelers from our future who has worked with you in the past, or previous lifetimes. You will be able to communicate with this time travelers by telepathy. Do this now.

Dr. Goldberg has special music tapes

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

Very good. At this time I want you to specifically explore one of your own parallel selves. This is another human on the Earth plane whose soul and yours may be traced back to a common oversoul ancestor. Travel through the Fifth Dimension now and explore another existence that a part of your current soul shares today on the Earth plane in another body. Do this now.

Play New Age Music For 4 Minutes

Very good. Now I want you to explore this wormhole we call the Fifth Dimension and travel anywhere in time and to any other dimension. You will be exiting through a whitehole when you do this. Do this now.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

Alright you have done very well. In just a few moments I am going to count up from 1 to 5. When I reach the count of 5 you will be back in hyperspace from where you began this voyage 1, you are returning to hyperspace, 2, moving closer, 3, halfway there, 4, almost there and 5, you are there. I’m going to count forwards from 1-5. When I reach the count of 5 you will be back in your physical body in the present. You will be able to remember everything you experienced and re-experienced. You’ll feel very relaxed, refreshed, and be able to do whatever you have to planned for the rest of the day or evening. You’ll feel very positive about what you’ve just experienced and very motivated about your confidence and ability to play this tape again to experience the Fifth Dimension. Alright now 1 very, very deep, 2 you’ve getting a little bit lighter, 3 you’ve getting much much lighter, 4 very very light, 5 awaken. Wide awake and refreshed.