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Dr Bruce Goldberg

Welcome to the Site of Dr. Bruce Goldberg - the Hypnotherapist

Welcome to what I believe will be a very memorable trip of your life to my website. I'm a dentist and a hypnotherapist. I specialize in past life regression (and Future Life progression) hypnotherapy, and have retired from dentistry to devote full-time to my rapidly expanding international hypnotherapy practice. With the magic of hypnotherapy, almost anything is possible!

I have been on many radio and television talk shows, I am a media consultant, a New Age metaphysical activist and spokesperson. I have written many interesting books, and have produced dozens of self-hypnosis tapes about this exciting field of hypnotherapy. Feel free to surf my site. Your imagination is the only limit of your experience as you explore the magic of hypnotherapy.

Dr. Goldberg will be speaking in Laughlin, Nevada from Feb. 27-March 6, 2021 at the UFO Mega Conference
He will also be seeing private patients there.
To register for the conferenece visit: www.laughlinufomegaconference.com
To Book a private session call 818-713-8190/818-714-6494

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Come and experience the magic of a healing hypnotherapist, give Dr. Bruce Goldberg a call today 818-713-8190.

Recognized As One of the Leading Hypnotherapists in the Field

Don't miss Dr. Bruce Goldberg and George Noory on GaiamTV's Beyond Belief discussing the past lives and future lives.

Worker in the Light. By George Noory         GAIAMTV.COM/GEORGE

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Watch the full interview here: Bruce Goldberg discusses Past Lives with George Noory!


"Thanks to you one night I teleported myself into a lush Monte Carlo hotel"

"I've been able to see myself in a paralell universe and my own future."

"I got more out of your one seminar than all others I've attended put together."