Teleportation Exercise

Try this exercise in teleporting to visit a friend. Precede this exercise with my standard white light protection found in any of my books:

Visualize the face of the person to visit. See only the face and try to see it in clearest detail. As you hold this image in your mind’s eye, you will at first begin to remember the clothes the person wore, how they acted, what they said and did, but pay no attention to these recollections.

Simply focus in on the face, not the body or actions and gradually these impressions will begin to fade. As they do, you may pick up a tiny spot of light, or maybe a large one, somewhere away from the face but definitely in your line of vision. Try to focus in on it. Usually it will seem fairly close to you, almost as if it were suspended in midair about ten to twelve inches from your eyes. When you perceive this “intruder” on your otherwise clear picture of the face of the person you are trying to reach, concentrate upon it. You will find that it will appear to expand and include more detail, as locations like a room, or an automobile, or a stadium, and in this location you will see the person you are trying to reach. See them as they actually are and in their exact surroundings at that precise moment. Remember, you cannot bring this in by force of will. Once you see the other person’s face clearly, relax a little. Try to be passive rather than active. You are trying to receive an impression, not create one. So let it come in. Stay here as long as you feel comfortable before returning to your practice room and ending this trance.

This exercise is presented in my Time Travelers Training Program CD Album, which instructs you to explore the fifth dimension, meet time travelers from our future and teleport your physical body anywhere on this planet and to other dimensions safely and return to your present location.

What is Teleportation

Processes of Teleportation

Teleportation is the process of physically relocating the body from one place to another site without touching it in anyway, or using any mechanical device. What we find in a true teleportation is that physical body dematerializes (disappears) from one location and subsequently rematerializes (reappears) in a different spot in an instant often accompanied by a “pop” sound.

Teleportation can also be used for time travel. The early time travelers (from the 31st to the end of the 34th centuries) required some form of craft to travel back in time. It is during the 35th century that teleportation techniques will be developed (see my book Time Travelers from Our Future) and ships are no longer required or utilized.

Teleportation is often confused with out-of-body experiences (OBEs). An OBE is the movement of the soul or subconscious (electromagnetic radiation) from one location or dimension to another, while the entire physical body is relocated in teleportation.

We can experience teleportation during the dream state. It differs from regular dreams and lucid dreams in that your body physically leaves the bed and travels to another location on a different dimension.

If you are observing someone actually being teleported, you would see their body slowly fade away and disappear. Nothing else in the environment would be altered. The person undergoing teleportation would experience an increase in their energy vibrating at high speed, accompanied by a tingling, buzzing sensation and/or feeling of spiraling upward. Often a “pop” sound emanates from the top of head, as I previously mentioned.

Teleportation can take place in three different ways. The first is a spontaneous teleportation. You may have had the experience of performing some chore that you had done thousands of times before and sensing for a moment that you were someplace else. Another possibility is walking down a street, or jogging, and realizing that you are much farther from you origin than was possible over the period of time in question.

The second type of teleportation is one that is directed during your sleep state. This experience differs from regular of lucid dreams in that you are not confronted with symbols or merely you subconscious transported to dream world. Your physical body in teleportation has physically relocated to the astral plane or other dimension. This memory of a true teleportation is clear and accompanied by recall of physical sensations. Most dreams are hazy and leave us confused as to their meaning.

A consciously directed teleportation comprises the third group. In the beginning you will find that you wind up in places far from your goal. This low level of accuracy improves dramatically with regular practice. When you return to your place of origin, you will again hear that “pop” sound. Your body travels at the speed of light, so distance is of no significance.

In order to successfully experience teleportation, you need to focus your mind and block out all other distractions. It is only your limiting beliefs that will prevent you from experiencing this unique form of travel.

Your body must be well rested to assure success. You will find it easiest to teleport at night. Since you body has had many spontaneous teleportation experiences while dreaming, the night is a natural environment and time for the novice teleporter.

I also recommend you teleport to secluded places to avoid shocking other people when you materialize in front of them. Always act as if you are already in your desired location when practicing teleportation. See yourself as if you were viewing this new place from inside you body (first person perspective), not as if it were a dream or a movie. Make sure you see, feel and sense yourself in this new spot.

The natural tendency is to hold your breath during a teleportation. You must resist that temptation and breathe consciously by taking slow, deep breaths. Since teleportation is a mental activity, we must not deprive our brain cells of its needed oxygen. You will feel lightheaded, with a swirling and upward spiraling sensation during this process. Occasionally, people report nausea during their initial stages of relocating. This will disappear quickly and be prevented by proper breathing.

Others report a sexual sensation in their body. Sometimes a feeling of tightness across the eyebrows (third eye area) is described. Your perception at your desired location will appear as if you were looking at your location through a keyhole. This disappears with practice. Always state clearly your intention to travel to a certain location or visit a certain individual. You do not want to imply that this is a desire that can fail, but a declaration of an empowered soul who is confident about succeeding in this venture.

For example, state “I intended to teleport to Tahiti.” Also state “I intend to visit Monique in Paris this afternoon.” You must always trust yourself and you Higher Self and acknowledge your ability to teleport anywhere in the universe or to any other dimension