Astral Voyage Saves a Life

Case Study: an Astral Voyage Saves a Life by Seeing into the Future

A Journey into the Future

Many people who are not particularly interested in metaphysics in any form ask me why my patients want to leave their body. Their initial concern is danger.

In my experience of over 25 years of astral voyaging, and working with thousands of patients to train them to leave their body, I have never experienced or heard of any type of harm resulting from these techniques. Just the opposite occurs. The elimination of the fear of death and the resolution of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues are what I observe daily as a result of these OBEs. To this I must add the many thousands of people who astrally voyaged by my audio tapes and informed me of their results.

The case I will now describe illustrates one of the most dramatic advantages of this experience. This patient named Tami actually saved her physical plane life by astral voyaging.

Tami had just graduated from college in June of 1996. She lived in New York and came to my Los Angeles office to learn how to leave her body. I completed her training by the second week in June and she returned to New York.

One issue Tami had was what to do during the summer, as she was entering graduate school that September. She did not tell me about this until much later that year. After a few days of contemplation. Tami decided to travel to Europe and spend the last half of the summer there.

She practiced the technique we worked on during her stay in Los Angeles, and became a fairly experienced voyager by the month of July. At that time she decided to fly to Paris first, as some of her friends were there and wanted her to join them on their European trip.

Tami visited the Learning Temple of Askleposis on the astral plane and viewed her akashic records. She was able to report glimpses of her future. One thing that shocked her was the foreknowledge that she was destined to die on her way to Paris.

This at first bothered Tami. She became excited about going to Europe, but her astral voyages had already demonstrated their accuracy in a few previous trips, during which she was able to see into the future and effect minor changes in her life.

He solution was to not leave for Europe until the end of July. Tami”s original plans called for her leaving New York on July 17th on TWA flight 800. I’m sure this flight will be familiar to you. It crashed, killing all 230 passengers and crew.

Had Tami ignored the information she obtained from her OBE, she would be there now, only she wouldn’t be returning to the physical plane as Tami. She would have died and crossed into spirit with a severed silver cord.

Tami was very thankful to me when she called my office to inform me of these events. I didn’t hear from her until late September, and tried to reiterate the fact that it was her abilities and spiritual growth that saved her life, not me. I merely trained her.

Quantum physics demonstrates that we live in a spacetime continuum in which all events occur simultaneously. The Astral Plane has no time concept as we know it on Earth. Perhaps the physical plane’s time perception is merely an illusion. My book Astral Voyages presents a thorough discussion of this concept, and presents many exercises to train you to leave you body, travel to the other dimensions and return safely to your physical body.

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