Soul Healing

Soul Healing

Soul healing is more than overcoming illness. It is a total way of life, a form of “karmic empowerment.” This book will show you
how to avoid the pitfalls of conventional medicine and how to select your soul healer. SOUL HEALING is an energy approach  to health and well being’s natural healing
processes. By following the recommendations in this book, we can all become soul healers.Dr. Goldberg presents many enthralling case histories to illustrate how we can all attain soul

You will meet:

  • George: overcome lung cancer and a life of smoking through hypnotic programming.
  • Mary: tripled her immune system’s responses to AIDS with the help of age progression.
  • Lloyd: overcome his grief over the death of his daughter by contacting her spirit, viewing a future life with her, and guiding her into the white light.
  • Jennifer: uncovered her mother’s undetected medical problem while in hypnosis, thereby saving her life.

Now, you too can learn to raise the vibration rate of your soul (or subconscious
mind) to stimulate your body’s own natural healing processes. Explore several natural
approaches to healing that includes past life regression and future life progression,
hypnotherapy, soul mates, angelic healing, near-death experiences, shamanic healing,
acupuncture, meditation, and the new physics.

The miracle of healing comes from within. After reading Soul Healing, you will
never view your life and the universe in the same way again.

Dr. Goldberg graduated from Southern Connecticut State College in June 1970, Magna Cum Laude, earning his B.A. degree in
Biology and Chemistry. He then attended the University of Maryland School of Dentistry,
receiving his Doctor Dental Surgery degree in May, 1974. In 1984, Dr. Goldberg received
his M.S in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College, Dr. Goldberg is recognized as an
authority on hypnosis with special interests and experiences in regression and progression

He is also the author of the ground breaking book Past Lives-Future Lives, published by Ballantine. He is a consulting
editor and columnist for Fate magazine. His practice is located at:

4300 Natoma Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Telephone: 800-Karma-4 U or 800-527-6248, Fax: (818)-704-9189

$ 16.95

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