Work Book

How To Get On Radio And TV

This booklet instructs you step-by-step in the process of obtaining free publicity for any product or service. It also includes a section on Universal Laws to assist you in your own spiritual growth, $10.00 This booklet works along with the Karmic Capitalism cassette or CD album and my book: Custom Design Your Own Destiny.

The Memory Improvement Workbook

Learn to maximize your brain power, focus your concentration and develop a superior memory. Several memory techniques are presented to train you to instantly recall data, people’s faces, telephone numbers and dates.

$30.00. This book works along with the Study and Concentration and Increase Your Brain Power cassettes or CDs

Chakra Healing Workbook

Learn about our healing energy, other dimensions, our aura and chakras. This book trains you how to balance your own chakras, or those of others, to effect natural healing, spiritual growth and to protect yourself from psychic attacks.

$30.00. This book works along with the Chakra Healing and Consciousness Expansion cassettes or CDs.

The Sexual Bliss Workbook

Experience the ultimate in intimacy as you learn the art of whole-body orgasm, while spiritually bonding with your partner. Many self-hypnosis exercises are included to maximize your sexuality.

$30.00. This book works along with the Sexual Fulfillment Experience cassette or CD album.

Ascension Workbook

Dr. Goldberg trains the reader in the art of perfecting the soul and eliminating the need to reincarnate. Detailed scripts on meditation and self-hypnosis instruct the reader how to avoid the necessity to reincarnate.

$30.00. This workbook works along with the Conscious Dying and Ascension cassette and CD albums.