Unleash Your Psychic Power

Unleash Your Psychic Power

Most of us assume we lack psychic abilities because we were not “born” with these powers. Psychic talents are just like any other ability. They can be developed. Unleash your Psychic Powers contains dozens of exercises to assist you in developing yours.

Throughout Unleash Your Psychic Powers, Dr. Bruce Goldberg presents dozens of exercises (over 100) specifically designed to train anyone to increase their psychic development, regardless of their background. This book covers such topics as your psychic style, the aura, psychic energy, clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, ESP, cards, automatic writing, psychic readings, healing, improving relationships and creating abundance. Protection and healing techniques are also presented.

Visual imagery, meditation and self-hypnosis techniques presented herein are but keys to unlocking this empowering and fascinating aspect of our being.

You won’t find a more complete and more practical gateway to your inner life!

ISBN: 1-57968-016-X
144 pages
$14.95 USD

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