Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experime

Dr. Bruce Goldberg has captivated the mind with this reveting theory of ET’s and ancient Egypt. A must read.”
George Noory, Coast To Coast AM

This book is a sequel to Dr. Goldberg’s Time Travelers from Our Future, and depicts the significance of Hermes, the very first time traveler, on both Egypt’s development and our planet’s heritage.

According to Dr. Goldberg, the Egyptian civilization evolved from four sources: Lemuria, Atlantis, ETs, and Time Travelers. Although technologically a successful civilization, spiritually, Egypt was a failure. The Time Traveler’s role in supervising Egypt’s development and attempting to correct many of the mistakes brought on by ETs is emphasized.

One of the most dramatic and controversial chapters deals with Hermes’ role as Moses’ advisor and rewrites the history of the Exodus and the Jewish people by demonstrating that the original Jewish people were Egyptians! Archeological and historical evidence is presented to support this argument.

Case histories are presented to give a feel for the civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, and very ancient Egypt. Documentation is provided to give the reader highly suggestive evidence that these civilizations did, in fact exist, and that ancient Egypt dates back to at least 18,000 years ago!

We shall explore in great detail how Egypt’s sudden rise was assisted by very advanced civilizations who came and went at various periods throughout Egyptian prehistory and history. Long before the first Egyptian scribe recorded events of their day, these highly advanced societies possessed technology equal to ours today. There was also considerable interaction with extraterrestrials and time travelers from our future.

We will also see how the Mystery schools developed and the mechanism of secret pacts made between the Egyptian priests, extraterrestrials and these time travelers. Men In Black (MIB) were active during these ancient times to repress esoteric knowledge from the masses, not unlike what occurs today. These MIB also performed clean-up operations to remove any evidence of advanced helpers to humanoid’s development.

The fascinating concept of time travel is a constant theme throughout this book. For those of you that would like to experience this discipline yourself, chapter 7 presents several self-hypnosis exercises to guide you into the past or future.

By studying Egyptian history we are truly looking into our own “Mirror of Karma,” since we have all had past lives there. Read on and discover both your past and your destiny.


ISBN: 1-57968-017-8
World rights available.

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