Time Traveler Confidential: The Apocalypse

Time Traveler Confidential: The Apocalypse

This is Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s first novel. The devices described in this book represent a true depiction of 36th century technology. Dr. Goldberg�s well-known expertise on real time travelers is illustrated in his nonfiction books Time Travelers From Our Future: A Fifth Dimension Odyssey and Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment.

In the year 3567 an Earth ambassador named Mustafa Striker makes a deal with a far distant galaxy reptilian named Drax to destroy our galaxy in exchange for Striker’s control of a planet occupied by human-like beings in Drax’s galaxy.

Striker breaks into the laboratory museum of one Taatos, the discoverer of time travel in 3050 through enlarging wormholes via a wormhole linear accelerator (WLA) and murders a guard. Striker then uses this now obsolete device (36th century time travelers use teleportation to travel back in time) to go back in time to 1999 to effect Drax’s plan. The plan consists of using the WLA without applying exotic matter to it so that ripplepoints (tears) in the fabric of space-time are created that result in the creation of an uncontrollable blackhole in the 36th century.

Time Traveler Bob Gullon is assigned the mission of capturing Striker, preventing the creation of the blackhole and returning Striker to the 36th century to stand trial.

Striker is successful in creating three Major ripplepoints by altering history. The destruction of our universe has begun!

ISBN: 1-57968-022-4
240 Pages

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