Astral Voyages

Astral Voyages

Everything you ever wanted to know about interdimensional travel


Mastering The Art of Interdimensional Travel

Free yourself from the limitations of the earth plane and the laws of space and time. Astral Voyages presents more than 65 exercises that train you to safely leave your physical body and return unharmed from explorations of the upper astral plane and the causal, mental, or etheric realms. You might even venture to the soul plane and observe the process of selecting your next lifetime!

Dr. Goldberg unveils his paradigm of the 13 dimensions, developed from over 30 years of experience with hypnotic regression, progression and out-of-body experiences. Specific scripts train you for guided imagery astral voyage, lucid dreaming accessing the Akashic records, and advanced techniques such as the 37-Degree Technique used by the ancient Egyptians. Other topics include astral entities, astral sex, astral healing and scientific studies on astral voyaging.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg (Southern California) is a clinical hypnotist who has regressed 11,000 individual patients. He wrote the international bestseller Past Lives-Future Lives and ten other books including Soul Healing and Peaceful Transition. He has conducted live past-life regressions on the television programs Donahue, Oprah, Leeza, and Joan Rivers.

Some of the questions answered in Astral Voyages:

  • How can I avoid the temporary paralysis commonly reported among astral projectors?
  • How do others leave their body with others souls and even travel back or forward through time together?
  • How can I meet kindred souls on the astral plane?
  • What happens to the physical body while the soul is voyaging?
  • What is it like to be with your Masters and Guides and review your karmic cycle on the soul plane?
  • How can I find my karmic purpose while accessing the Akashic records?
  • What is the difference among an out-of-body experience, a near-death experience and a conscious out-of-body experience?
  • How can I know what dimension I’m on when I’m astral voyaging?

Astral Projection/Self-Hypnosis

Personal Transformation

ISBN: 1-56718-308-5, 264 pages

$15.95 U.S.

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