Eliminating Insomnia Permanently

Two out of every ten women have trouble sleeping, as compared with only one out of every ten men. Also, people over age sixty are more prone to insomnia. When insomnia strikes, it will assume one of three different forms. The first: sleep-onset insomnia (type 1) is basically the inability to fall sleep. Sleep experts say you qualify for this category if it takes you over thirty minutes to doze off at night. The second is sleep-maintenance insomnia (type 2), meaning that you can get to sleep, but you cannot stay asleep. With this type of insomnia, you may wake up periodically during the night. Your wakeups may come hours apart or as frequently as every twenty seconds, depending on their cause. The third and most devastating type is early-morning awakening insomnia (type 3). With this kind you may find yourself alert and miserable at about four of five o’clock in the morning. Most often you cannot get back to sleep, and you may succumb to the “dark night of the soul” – hopelessness and depression – condition which sometimes accompanies this type of insomnia.

The key to the permanent elimination of insomnia is in our dream (REM) cycle. Each night, the total time spent in REM is about three hours, based on a total sleep time of about eight hours. This REM cycle is utilized by the patients to effect “energy cleansing.” I train patients to access their superconscious mind. A patient with insomnia receives a separate insomnia tape with instructions to play it just prior to retiring. The REM “cleaning” initiated accounts for ninety-eight per cent of my patients’ soul healing. In REM, there are no defense mechanisms to block the raising of this energy, and the patient enjoys the deepest level of trance humanly possible.


Dan, a very aggressive salesman, is married to a rather timid woman, Marie. When Dan came to my office for therapy his only stated problem was insomnia. He had had the same nightmare for nearly twenty years. It consisted of his being chased in the woods by wild animals and eventually being torn apart limb by limb by these beasts. Dan would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. This disturbing pattern persisted for twenty years.

The past life Dan lived occurred in the tenth century in Europe. He was a young boy living in the south of France, along the coast. One day Viking raiders plundered his village and kidnapped him along with dozens of other youths. The boys were taken back to Scandinavia by ship and trained to be warriors. At the time Dan was about eighteen, and he and his fellow captives decided to plan their escape. One night they overcame their guards and headed for the woods. Their plan was discovered and several wolves were turned loose on Dan and his comrades. Dan described the gruesome death scene. He screamed in trance in my therapy room, even though, of course, he was in no present danger.

Due more to the superconscious mind tap (cleansing) than the regression, Dan’s nightmares finally ended. Marie was totally amazed. She had always known about and witnessed Dan’s nightmares. For the first time in her life with Dan they could have peaceful night’s rest.

My Dream Therapy training CD album is specifically designed to assist anyone in eliminating insomnia once and far all from their life. It is normal to occasionally have a disturbance in our sleep. Insomnia is defined as sleep disturbances three or more times a week. Self-hypnosis is the fastest, easiest and most successful approach I know of to end insomnia.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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