Soul Healing by Way of the Superconscious Mind Tap

Cleansing is the process through which I as a hypnotherapist introduces the patient’s subconscious mind to its superconscious or higher self. This superconscious mind level is perfect and thus accessing or taping into this level results in a raising, of the energy level of the patient’s subconscious mind.

The first step in hypnotherapy is to improve this self-image. If you build a house on quicksand, it won’t be around to benefit from appreciation. I highly recommend the use of CDs to help establish a sound and strong psychological foundation from which patients can more fully understand their karmic purpose and make strides toward fulfilling their karma.

Most of a patient’s therapy will take effect during the dream level at night. Recent medical research establishes that we enter REM (rapid eye movement), a characteristic of the dream state, for three hours each night. Since our defense mechanism (willpower or analytical mind) cannot function once we enter the sleep cycle, this is a most efficient cleansing opportunity.

During this dream state, the emotional cleansing necessary for our survival occurs, but deeper energy cleansing is not part of this survival function. It will not occur unless we are trained for it. If we are properly trained, we will use approximately one hour of the REM cycle to cleanse our alpha level. Since each minute in hypnosis is equivalent to three of our earth minutes, three to four hours of therapeutic energy cleansing is actually experienced by the patient. It is no wonder that this therapy is so short, successful, and popular. The patient is trained in relatively few sessions to be totally independent of the therapist and attain any goal that is humanly possible. The patient uses superconscious mind CDs to assist in this goal.

There are three levels of manifestation of an issue. First, there is the physical level. Using depression as an example, the associated lack of energy and malaise are examples of the physical level. Next is the emotional level. In this example, unexplained crying would be a symptom of this level. The last and most important level is the energy level. This level is the actual frequency vibrational rate of the patient’s alpha level or subconscious mind. In other words, this is the level of spiritual growth or karmic status of the individual. The energy level controls the emotional level, which in turn influences the physical level. Thus, the only level I am concerned with when I conduct a hypnotherapy session is the energy level. Once we raise the patient’s frequency vibrational rate to a new threshold – a major breakthrough- this new level, or rate is established and is irreversible. The patient may plateau for a while, but this new rate cannot be lowered. Thus, the emotional and physical symptoms as well as the causes are resolved by treating the ultimate cause, which is the patient’s energy level or frequency vibrational rate.

You will note that the arrow always glow down from the energy level to the physical but not in reverse; also observe that the energy level can change the physical level directly without having to use the emotional level as an intermediary. An example of this latter phenomenon would be the removal of psychosomatic pain or a headache. How does past life regression, age progression, or future life progression fit into this approach? The answer is simple. These techniques are used as stepping stones to reach the superconscious mind and to satisfy the patient’s curiosity. These techniques taken together account for approximately five percent of the therapy. Ninety five percent of any therapeutic result will come from cleansing at the superconscious level. This cleansing will also greatly reduce the time and number of sessions required to train patients to resolve their conflicts and and maximize potential. Thus, it is not necessary to explore past or future lives for this therapy to work. Since this is not cognitive or analytical therapy, I am not particularly interested in the intellectual “cause” of the issue. In this type of therapy, process is everything. The whys are not important. All that is necessary is that the patient must be motivated to attain a goal, that goal must be possible to attain, and the patient must trust the therapist he works with. As long as these three conditions are met, any goal is achievable.

Throughout the therapeutic process, a patient will experience good days and bad days. The bad days are actually more therapeutic, because during these days, the energy needed by the conscious mind in order to interfere with the therapy is drained, so the defense mechanism is disengaged. The purpose of our defense mechanism (rationalization, intellectualization, displacement, etc.) is to keep our behavior the same. To this end, they will do anything to disrupt change. Fortunately, the defense mechanisms’ energy supply is limited and every time they exert themselves, they are literally burning themselves out. Good days do not result in a direct drain to defense mechanism, but do indirectly sap their energy. By raising one’s energy level (frequency vibrational rate), as a result of these good days, the defense mechanism must expend even more energy supply (by accessing the superconscious mind), it will always win in the end.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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