Time Travelers From Our Future

It is possible that some of the many thousand of alien abductions reported each year are the result of our very own species in the future? In my book, Time Travelers from Our Future, I presented cases of people who were abducted by beings who represented us, as well as extraterrestrial futuristic aliens, from 1,000 to 3,000 years in our future.

I refer to these futuristic time travelers as chrononauts, and describe how they have abducted us throughout history and even traced us back to our past lives. These very same chrononauts have actually abducted us in several of our previous lifetimes. The main purpose of these chrononauts is to assist us in our own spiritual growth. They are us in the future.

Here is a summary of the four different types of time travelers my patients have related to me in hypnosis:

  1. The grays: This is the classic “insect” alien with large black eyes. They stand around three to five feet tall with grayish skin, no ear lobes, four fingers and toes, and are the most commonly observed time travelers. Some of these chrononauts appear as “little whites” or “little blues,” who seem to come across as “kinder and gentler” time travelers. Neither type has body hair. Some of their aliens are female. Other grays have been observed of various heights, some rather tall and slender. These are usually in charge of the smaller aliens and often perform examinations on human abductees. They all wear one-piece uniforms with insignias that often are triangular in shape.

  2. Hybrid time travelers: These are a genetic mixture between human and beings from other planets. Their skin ranges from whitish hues to bronze, and they range from five to six feet tall. Some hybrid chrononauts look quite human from a distance, but resemble aliens upon closer inspection. Many have large faceted eyes and odd-looking foreheads. My patients report seeing female hybrids. It is impossible for an abductee to determine if a representative from groups 1 and 2 are contemporary or time travelers, unless they are told this telepathically and recall this memory. In some abductions, there are only groups 1 and/or 2 represented, which further confuses the abductee as to which century these aliens originate.

  3. Pure humans: about one quarter of time travelers from our future are entirely human by genetic makeup. They look like us in every respect. These chrononauts have interbred with our species throughout time, and this may explain some of our genius proteges in various fields.

    A common trait to these human time travelers is their height. They appear to be between six and seven feet tall, compared to the three to five feet of the “insect aliens” type and five to six feet hybrids. They are blonde, blue-eyed, tanned, clean shaven and always appear to be dressed in white robes. The many references in almost all ancient books concerning the presence of “Giants” legends support to these reports.

    There are reports from my patients of these pure humans working along with aliens and/or hybrids. Whenever this occurred, the pure human time travelers always appear in charge of their activities. Some of my patients have described female pure human time travelers.

  4. Reptilian time Travelers: These beings have vertical pupils and lizard-like skin. The little data I have about them suggests they are not out for our best interests. As irresponsible as this may seem, these beings are 100 percent extraterrestrial, and have nothing to lose by their lack of spiritual growth.

    They are infrequently reported by abductees as originating from other less friendly planets in our present century. I do not argue this point, but they also exist in our future and travel back in time. These time travelers are most definitely to be avoided, as they appear to be cannibalistic.

    All time travelers wear jumpsuits or robes of some sort. Their own species are often dying out, which is why they conduct experiments on us.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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