The Next 1,000 Years

The information in this article was the result of several thousand hypnotic future life progressions conducted on individual patients since I discovered this technique in 1977. What I am about to report represents only one frequency, or parallel universe. This means that you may not actually experience this future if you are on a different frequency. I refer you to my books Past Lives, Future Lives (Ballantine) and Custom Design Your Own Destiny for an in depth discussion of these parallel universes.

Let me state at the outset that there will be no doomsday at or about the year 2000. No significant earthquakes causing massive loss of life will occur until the year 2050. In that year Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York will suffer devastating property damage mostly. Absolutely no nuclear wars will take place until the 24th century. This will be a small cold fusion war.

During the 21st century world peace will finally become a reality. Peace lasts for 300 years. The Earth will undergo geographical changes; scientific progress will be most evident. Hunger, greed, jealousy, prejudice, and other negative aspects of society seem to have been almost entirely eliminated by the end of the 21st century.

Solar power will be incorporated into everyday life in the 22nd century. The lifespan of the average adult will be increased to over 90 years. Cancer and Aids are finally cured.

The 23rd century will be characterized my noiseless and efficient transportation. Nuclear power is used extensively and is safe and clean. Experiments in weather control are a top priority. The average lifespan is now over 110. Politically, the Earth is democratic with two major groups. One is called the Western Federation of Nations and is composed of North America(including the U.S.), South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The Eastern Alliance is the other group, and is made up of Russia, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

A small scale cold fusion war occurs in the 24th century. Further geographical changes take place on the Earth’s surface, and the League of One is the democratic form of government for the entire planet, replacing the Western Federation and the Eastern Alliance. Cold fusion and other free energy sources are now in use.

It is during the 25th century that we finally control the weather. Androids are used to perform all menial tasks. A major cold fusion war reduces the world’s population to less than a billion people.

Underwater cities, genetic engineering and interplanetary travel dominate the 26th century. We will have regular contact with extraterrestrials. Information pills will keep citizens well informed. The lifespan is increased to over 125 years. Sickness and disease are almost unknown.

During the 28th century the League of One is replaced by the Atlantic and Pacific Federations. These groups are also democratic, and are composed of the same nations that were a part of the old Western Federation and Eastern Alliance. There are no wars, and people live to be about 150 at this time.

This paradigm remains relatively stable through the beginning of the 31st century, when we finally master time travel. At this time time travelers from our future begin to go back in time to not only the 20th century, but all the way back to millions of years into prehistory to supervise both our evolution and spiritual growth. You can read about detailed case histories and this mechanism in my books Time Travelers From Our Future and Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment. Try my Time Travelers Training Program Album to contact one of these time travelers.

For a comprehensive treatment of this topic and several case histories, I recommend my first book Past Lives, Future Lives, which is the first book ever written on future life progression. If you are interested in seeing your own future lives, try my Hypnotic Time Travel CD album.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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