The Chrononaut Phenomenon

The very idea that our species in the future (my clinical cases suggest 1,000 to 3,000 years ahead of our current time) can travel back in time physically to interact with us seems preposterous to many. However, this paradigm is based on solid mathematical models such as:

Caltech astrophysicists Kip Thorne, Michael Morris and Ulvi Yurtserver conclude that this form of time travel will not violate causality. They present their findings in the Physical Review Letters of September 26, 1988 in an article titled, “Wormholes, Time Machines and the weak energy condition.”

Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University Professor and author of A Brief History of Time, also concurs that it is theoretically possible to travel back in time without violating causality. Dr. Hawking is considered by many as the greatest mind of the half of the 20th century.

The work of Kip Thorne, an astrophysicist from Cal Tech, theorizes a form of hyperspace travel through hyper-universe by futuristic humans, thus avoiding the need of “time machines” per se.

The research of the South Carolina theoretical physicist Yakir Aharnov, a former associate of David Bohm also confirms this theory. We must first define hyperspace as everything that is beyond our four-dimensional space-time universe. The Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan proposed a ten-dimensional and twenty-six dimensional model of the universe.

Returning to the concept of abductees, my clinical experience since 1974 and working with nearly 100 abductees suggest the following paradigm:

Abductions begin at ages 4 to 7 and persist to around the age of 40.

Although reproductive experiments are conducted (eggs and sperm samples are taken), the main purpose of these chrononauts is to monitor our spiritual growth.

These time travelers (chrononauts) function as our “guardian angels” by placing attackers in suspended animation states to allow our escape and so on. They can manipulate our physical laws to assist us in time of need.

These chrononauts follow us from lifetime to lifetime. They trace our soul back to our previous lives and monitor our spiritual unfoldment.

The origin of these time travelers is Earth from 1,000 to 3,000 years in the future.

The past 500 years has seen a significant increase in the quantity of their monitoring and abductions.

Fertility problems are quite common in these futuristic humans.

Their physical appearance is often (but not always) that of the classic insect alien, with large oval eyes and no hair.

Usually, we find one tall, thin chrononaut who functions as the leader, and occasional telepathically communicates with the abductee. Several smaller beings are present. Their communication is also by telepathy, but they rarely interact with the abductee. The abductee is somehow shut out of their communication.

About twenty-five percent of these time travelers are pure human. These six to seven feet tall, blue-eyed, blond humans are always dressed in a white robe and are in charge of all these aliens.

The ultimate purpose of these time travelers is to facilitate the perfection of the human soul to allow for ascension and the end of the karmic cycles. As we grow spiritually, so do they. They are us in the future.

There are parallel universes in the future with many wars, emotional problems, pollution, etc. that can be averted by assisting us (in that same parallel universe) now in our spiritual progress.

I refer you to my first book, Past Lives-Future Lives (Ballantine), during which I depict lives as far forward as the 38th century, some of which will be quite negative.

The facts that these chrononauts abduct us throughout our lives is equivalent to our zoologist tagging lions, dolphins and other animals for study. The added variables in these cases are time and previous incarnations.

According to well established models of quantum physics, information is simultaneously flowing from the past to the future and from the future to the past. None of this information or choices (parallel universe) exist until we observe them. It is these quantum waves that carry this information to an infinite number of parallel universes that appear to fit into five broad paths or frequencies, according to my experience with over 6,000 progressions since discovering this field in 1977. We are quite capable of communicating with both our past and future (regression and progression hypnotic techniques, for example). I refer you to my books, Soul Healing and The Search for Grace for detailed case histories.

The three-dimensional world we normally observe consists of length, width and depth. Time is added as the fourth dimension to this paradigm. In reality, time is the fourth dimension of the space-time continuum. To our concept of existence we must now add a fifth dimension of parallel lives occurring on parallel universe, as well as hyperspace in general.

My clinical experience since 1977 of conducting over 6,000 hypnotic age progression and future life progression, along with over 35,000 past life and parallel life explorations, reveals that there are five broad categories or frequencies. Each parallel universe class has an infinite number of subdivisions.

Time travelers use some form of hyperspace engineering and enter a wormhole to transport themselves back in time through some type of hyper-universe to our century. Mathematical models for this paradigm are well established, so let us discuss this in detail using the subatomic model.

We can travel to a parallel universe, according to quantum mechanics, when a jump through a region in the interior of a rotating black hole occurs and where the universe layers by way of a wormhole. leading to a white hole. Singularities are those areas of space-time where large distortions and possible tears in fabric of space-time appear. These singularities exist in the centers of black holes.

A wormhole is a connection between white holes and black holes that is constantly materializing and dematerializing. It connects every black hole with its white hole counterpart. These wormholes are time machines that do not violate causality. We travel in time to the past, parallel universe and the future, when there is a jump through a singularity in the interior of a rotating black hole-where all universe layers meet.

The very same mechanism that creates black holes produces white holes. One difference between the two is that the time sequence is reversed. At the quantum level there is no such thing as a direction of time, such as past or future. All events occur and exist simultaneously. A quantum foam contains wormholes that function to connect any event with any other event.

White hole time sequence are opposite from those of black holes. We would observe a universe on the white hole side running back in time. The inhabitants of this white hole universe would be oblivious to this, as for them everything would be proceeding normally. To our eyes, it would appear as a movie running in reverse.

When we journey from the present to the future and back to the present, we are experiencing a time-loop. This could also be exhibited by traveling from the present to the past and back to the present, as in the case of chrononauts. One theoretical paradox with time-loops is that what happens if we traveled back in time and accidentally cause the death of our grandfather or grandmother when they were a child. Wouldn’t this cause us to be nonexistent? The answer is yes, but only in one parallel universe. We would exist in the other four frequencies (based upon my five frequency paradigm) where this disaster did not occur. Each parallel universe represents the fifth dimension and thus hyerspace. We must understand that according to quantum mechanics, we are much more than external observers of the universe. We cannot separate ourselves from the very events that we are observing, and these observations determine the final outcome of events themselves. It is our consciousness that defines the past, present and future-not the universe. There is thus no violation of causality in traveling back, sideways or forward in time. We, in effect, create our own reality through the use of our mind. Our minds are time machines and are capable of traveling into the past, future and parallel time periods to give meaning to our existence on this planet and, if used properly, to psychically empower us to achieve our true karmic purpose.

This very same mechanism is used by chrononauts on a macro universe scale to physically travel back in time to study us. They use this principle to go forward in time too, as some of these time travelers from 1,000 years in our future have indeed communicated with chrononauts from 2,000 and 3,000 years in the future! Listen to these time travelers and always facilitate your spiritual growth. The future is now – be ready to receive it

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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