Etheric Plane Surgery

Whenever you are presented with a medical problem always consult your physician. After following their recommendations and still suffering from chronic conditions, try a method that will not interfere with your doctor’s paradigm, but may quickly heal your body.

We can heal our physical body by having an out-of-body experience and directing our soul to the etheric plane. Psychic surgery on the etheric body is performed here, which heals the physical body by way of accelerating the self-renewal functions of the physical body. This is accomplished by the techniques of etheric plane surgeons through our aura, or electromagnetic energy field, representing an extension of our soul.

Through color and sound, the etheric body is linked to our Higher Self. This connection brings about healing to our physical body, as a result of these beings, known as etheric plane surgeons. The details of this mechanism are described in my book Time Travelers from Our Future. I will summarize them in this article.

First we must discuss something called the intergalactic lines (IL). These IL are responsible for the self-renewal functions of the galaxies. They function through meridians and apparently are based on the same concept we currently see in acupuncture. These resonating IL connect star systems and are open-ended.

Healing is initiated by modulating the level of consciousness, or frequency vibrational rate of our soul, so that it is perfectly balanced. This is accomplished through a conversion orientation of our consciousness. Now the soul’s electromagnetic components are reoriented by etheric plane surgeons on their dimension. This entire reorganization takes place through many combinations of energy waves.

As the etheric (spiritual) body is healed, the physical body responds accordingly. This is due to the fact that the etheric body is our only spiritual body that precisely represents our physical body.

The proper combination of color and sound will establish a healthy resonance grid within the hydrogen matrix of life, allowing for the human expression of DNA-RNA to be properly balanced. The result is healing. Without a higher evolutionary programming by our Higher Self, we are kept in a form of biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the “apparent realities” of the Earth plane. In this case, the body is a grid of magnetic fields moving between the primary blueprint of the Higher Self. These magnetic fields are tied together by intergalactic lines (IL).

The IL can exist independently of the Higher Self, but still require the governing functions of the Higher Self. These governing functions are required because the IL grid structures pass through several evolutionary orders, all sharing and working in the same local life space on different dimensions of activity (hyperspace).

These grids are not governed by the laws and mechanics controlling physical evolution, for they operate by means of their own accretion of energy for maintenance. The body has been left to work on molecular biological levels with any limited magnetic resonance patterns to continue the functions of amino acids, the basic building blocks of life.

Some time in our distant past the molecular biological levels were cut off from the data transmission system sustaining the mechanisms of higher quantum medicine, as well as the bioelectrical activities of the Higher Self.

In other words, humankind was cut off from the modulating levels of consciousness necessary to maintain a perfected form. In order to reconnect the biological interconnection with the higher energy planes serving higher evolutionary programming, the acupuncture lines of the old program have to be attached to new IL (at their intersections) if the cellular grids are to be in harmony with all physical manifestations permitted by the governing hierarchy of the universe (God).

The IL are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound that is used to draw from the Higher-Self body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human body.

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April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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