How Hypnotherapy Works

The technique I do mostly with my patients in my Los Angeles office is something I refer to as “cleansing.” Our soul or subconscious mind enters our body with a frequency vibrational rate(FVR) that is lower then we would like it to be. Cleansing is the process through which the hypnotherapist introduces the patient’s subconscious mind to its superconscious or Higher Self.

This superconscious mind level is perfect, and tapping into this level results in a raising of the energy level of the patient’s subconscious mind. It is through tapping into this superconscious mind that we can view our Akashic records(a chart of our past and future lives), and converse with our Masters and Guides.

In addition, a raising of our FVR is accomplished, and that is the essence of therapy or spiritual growth. Most of a patient’s therapy will occur during the dream level at night. We enter into REM(rapid eye movement) or dream states for three hours nightly. Since our defense mechanisms (will-power or analytical mind) cannot function once we enter the sleep cycle, this is a most efficient cleansing opportunity. During this dream state, emotional cleansing is occurring. If this didn’t happen we would die. Energy cleansing is not necessary to preserve life, so it will not take place unless we are trained to do so. My superconscious mind CD is designed to do just that.

There are three levels of manifestation of an issue. First, there is the physical level. Next, we have the emotional and the energy levels. The energy level controls the emotional level, which in turn influences the physical level. The only level I am concerned with when I conduct a hypnotherapy session is the energy level. Once we raise the FVR to a new threshold (major breakthrough), this new level or rate is irreversible. Raising energy levels can also increase the emotional level’s immune response, so a patient can be exposed to certain repeated people or circumstances without reverting to old emotional behavior patterns, such as grief, anxiety, depression, and so on.

Past life regression and future life progression are used as stepping stones to reach the superconscious. These techniques together account for less than five percent of therapy. Ninety-five percent of a patient’s therapy results from the superconscious mind tap or cleansing. Since this is not cognitive or analytical thaerapy, I am not particularly interested in the intellectual “cause” of the issue. The process is everything in cleansing. The whys are not important. All the patient has to do is be motivated to attain a goal, have that goal be possible and trust the therapist they work with. As long as these three conditions are met, any goal is achievable. For a more detailed discussion of this concept, I refer you to my book SOUL HEALING

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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