Why Past Life Therapy?

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or past life regression and future life progression for this approach to work. If you are interested in case histories of some very successfully treated non-believers, I refer you to my books Past Lives, Future Lives, The Search For Grace, Soul Healing and Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed.

My November, 1997 Fate feature article presents the past and future lives of skeptical television talk show hosts Montel Williams, Jerry Springer and Marilyn Kenz of Caryl & Marilyn. Past life therapy offers an efficient and fascinating method to release an individual from a negative and repetitive pattern(self-defeating sequence) of behaviors, phobias and habits.

Also, your particular attraction to a certain time period or culture are usually a result of your previous incarnations. Perhaps your relationship with a significant other is a soulmate one from several past lives. This explains instant attraction or repulsion to certain people in your life.

The origins of talents and interests that were not part of your upbringing or training are also very often the result of your previous existences. As my late grandmother used to say,”Try it, you’ll like it.”