New Age Hypnosis

New Age Hypnosis

Age Hypnosis teaches the reader how to overcome habits, phobias and other “self-defeating sequences” by easy-to-use techniques of self-hypnosis. Over two dozen scripts are presented to assist the reader in making their own self-hypnosis tapes. Word-by-word techniques on superconscious mind tap, progression, past life regression, angel encounters, out-of-body experience and soul plane ascension are just a few examples of the scripts you will find in New Age Hypnosis.

Making your own tapes and putting your voice in command can ultimately improve the overall quality of your life–life increasing self-confidence, breaking overeating and smoking habits, treating depression, eliminating phobias, insomnia, and procrastination, reducing stress, and attracting a soul mate.

Dr. Goldberg also offers present advice (including a list of questions for your prospective therapist) on selecting a hypnotherapist. Plus detailed instructions for prospective hypnotists on how to establish and market a New Age hypnotherapy practice.

“This is simply the most easy-to-use and complete system of self-hypnosis available without a prescription.”e;
Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Book: New Age Hypnosis by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, $20.99

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