Music Only Tapes

Music Only Tapes

A Six Tape Training Program

Metronome Beats – This tape is to be used to pace your voice and/or your thought during a hypnotic induction. It is an excellent and in deepening trance levels.

Music For Regression And Progression – The music on this tape is ideal for Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Age Progression and Future Life Progression experiences.

Music For Super Conscious Mind – The music on this tape is ideal for Superconscious Mind Taps.

Music For Out-Of-Body Experience/COBE – The music on this tape is designed for all forms of Out-of-Body experiences, including the Conscious Out-of-Body experience initiated in the Conscious Dying Technique. It can also be used with the Meditation and Angel Encounter Tapes.

Music For Soul Plane Ascension – The tape contains music to assist in the Soul Plane Ascension experience. This technique is actually an advanced Superconscious Mind Tap.

Environmental Sounds – This tape contains a selection of sounds that helps to stimulate memories from the earlier stage this life (Age Regression) and occasionally from previous lifetimes.

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