Conscious Dying Metaphysical Training Program

Conscious Dying Metaphysical Training Program

  • Conscious Dying CDs/ Album
  • Exploring The Fifth Dimension
  • DVD on Conscious Dying
  • Hypnotic time travel CD Album
  • CDs on Metaphysical music to enhance OBEs

You will learn:

  • To Practice conscious dying through meditation and self hyposis
  • Techniques to free the soul from the Karmic cycle
  • To Encounter your Angels
  • To move into areas of higher self and consiciousness
  • To master out of body travel
  • to communicate with spirt guides
  • To enhance metaphysical healing
  • To develop your psychic ability
  • Trance deepening Techniques
  • to do past life regression
  • to do future life progressions
  • Trance management
  • Safety techniques
  • various induction techinques
  • to structure suggestion correctly
  • plus much more!

Price: $250

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