ASCENSION: The Art of Soul Perfection and the Attainment of Grace

ASCENSION: The Art of Soul Perfection and the Attainment of Grace

Ascension details the process of perfecting our soul and ascending to the higher planes to eventually reunite with God. Throughout this book psychic empowerment is emphasized. Both Eastern and Western paradigms are thoroughly discussed to guide the reader in their own spiritual evolution so that they may reach the state of grace and ascend.

As with all of Dr. Goldberg’s books, dozen of exercises, including yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis, are presented to assist and train the reader to formulate their own program to achieve the most desired goal in the universe – spiritual perfection.

Dr. Goldberg’s thesis is that each of us possesses a type of spiritual consciousness (Higher Self) that assists us in our path to God. But, we must be open to it for this process to manifest. An expansion of our consciousness is necessary to merge with this Higher Self (the white light) and several exercises are presented in this book to achieve this goal.

The various other dimensions, or planes, are thoroughly discussed. These other realms including the physical world, make up our karmic cycle. It is our inner world of consciousness or soul that is true reality. By becoming attuned to your soul, you will once again experience peace and begin to enter the path back to God, from where we all came.

Ascension does not attempt to steer readers away from their own religious beliefs. It points out clearly that ascension is the ultimate goal of all forms of theology. The problem is they have all failed in this regard. If this were not the case mankind would have already ascended, rather than continually reincarnating over and over again.

A bridging of the Eastern and Western religions is attempted, as twelve of the major world’s religions are discussed and evaluated. By establishing a connection with our Higher Self, the soul can avoid suffering and spiritual perfection may be hastened.

Throughout a thorough discussion of death, including near-death experiences, along with the various paths to God, Dr. Goldberg moves the reader through spiritual concepts enlightening them to custom design their own method for achieving the ultimate of spiritual evolution – perfecting of the soul.

Fear is the most important obstacle to spiritual growth, and the many exercises presented train the reader to finally overcome the spiritual block. The chapter on self-hypnosis exercises is particularly thorough and included several out-of-body techniques and concluded with ascension method that anyone can apply.

This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in eliminating the need to reincarnate and to find their true place in the universe.

288 pages
ISBN: 1-57968-019-4
World rights availabale.

$ 15.95

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