Hypnotic Surgical Healing

Medical and psychological research has shown that empowered patients who control their own feelings and thoughts heal faster and better following surgery. For example, saying to yourself, “I will feel healthier and better as my mind directs my healing processes,” is far more therapeutic than, “I am helpless to do anyting about this discomfort.” Patients require less sedatives who, before, during and after surgery, listened to soothing music.

Music in the operating room, as claimed by one researcher, is equivalent to a half milligram of Valium. In addition, a Japanese study demonstrated biochemically that less stress hormones were found in the blood following listening to relaxing music. There is voluminous evidence that verbal suggestions are heard and accepted by the subconscious.

One study showed that hysterectomy patients who listened to tapes containing uplifting suggestions during their surgery required less recovery time in the hospital and experienced fewer complications than those who listened to blank tapes(placebos) during surgery. A similar study revealed 24 percent less pain medication was required the day after abdominal surgery by patients who also listened to positive suggestions during surgery. It must be pointed out that general anesthesia administered prior to and during surgery is a form of chemical hypnosis.

Hypnosis actually affects our body’s natural physiologic healing processes and facilitates blood flow, the elimination of pain and the building up of our immune system. DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland and gonads that greatly aids our immune system. It is also responsible for slowing down the aging process. For a complete description of this mechanism I refer you to my books Soul Healing and Look Younger, Live Longer. Our body contains within it a natural healing mechanism that may be activated by positive words, thoughts, suggestions, images and music.

We can greatly speed up our recovery from surgical procedures by applying these principles and presenting specific instructions to our subconscious by way of self-hypnosis. Tension is produced by anxiety. Both pain and a longer rate of recovery are effects of this anxiety. Using a favorite meditation, yoga exercise or self-hypnosis technique can greatly facilitate your elimination of anxiety and shorten the time it takes for your body to heal.

Try this script(or make a tape of it) prior to and during your next surgical procedure: “During and following my surgery, my subconscious will direct my immune system to be maximally efficient. I will experience very little blood loss during surgery. My blood will flow away from my surgical site to other parts of my body. Fresh and vitalized blood will return to this surgical site, bringing nutrients to heal my body quickly and completely. My antibodies and white blood cells will be most efficient in attacking, neutralizing and removing any bacteria or other germs that have found their way into my wound.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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