Are You Being Attacked Psychically In Your Daily Life?

Every day each and every one of us is exposed to media advertisements, other peoples “baggage” and various environmental factors that account for over 90 percent of all psychic attacks. Protected by the Light is my book that instructs us how to treat and avoid these psychic assaults.

Psychic attacks are common. We are all exposed to them, and they are responsible for many of the neuroses we see in our daily lives. Only 10 percent of these psychic attacks are due to metaphysical sources (poltergeists, black magic and demonic spirits).

Unfortunately, the literature on how to diagnose, treat and prevent psychic attacks is rather sparse. Invisible forces do exist that can harm us if we allow them. With the assistance of the exercises presented in Protected by the Light, the reader will increase their awareness of the subtle energies surrounding their physical body, and those in the universe in general.

A Stage Mother’s Psychic Attack

Mother/daughter and husbands and wives represent the most common form of psychic parasites or energy vampires. Ramona was a classic “stage mother” to her 14 year old daughter Charlene.

Charlene landed jobs as a model and acted in commercials. She had bit parts on television shows from time to time. The only problem was that Charlene hated “the business.” She just wanted to be a normal teenager. Ramona would not hear of it.

Ramona pressured Charlene into modeling at the ripe young age of five. There is no single adjective to describe the motivation or actions of a stage mother. This enmeshed and manipulative relationship is quite one-sided.

Charlene’s every movement and activity was controlled by her mother. Exercise, diet, friends and hobbies were never a “free choice” for Charlene. Ramona dictated to her daughter and hustled her way with every casting director, photographer and modeling agency contact.

The only reason I had the opportunity to work with Charlene in the first place, was the happenstance of her family physician. This general practitioner was very familiar with my work psychic protection, and read my first book, Past Lives, Future Lives.

He found nothing medically wrong with Charlene, but expressed great concern over this teenager’s depression and loss of appetite. This was serious.

I immediately spotted the problem and had a long talk with Ramona prior to initiating hypnotic psychic protection procedures with Charlene. After all, it was Ramona who I was protecting Charlene from as part of the latter’s therapy.

Ramona did not like me, nor what I said. I explained to her that all of her ambitions for Charlene’s “career” would be for naught if her daughter was institutionalized or dead. This seemed to strike a chord, and her objections subsided.

Charlene progressed nicely. She was protected from her mother’s psychic attacks and regained control over her life. Interestingly enough, she continued modeling on and off for a few years. Charlene no longer auditioned for television commercials. Her grades improved and she developed a new lease on life.

The Beautiful “Curse”

Jennifer was a twenty-eight year old beautiful interior decorator when I worked with her. She was well aware of the effects she had on people, especially men. She was a psychic perpetrator.

It wasn’t that she purposely set out to drain the energy and immobilize the men in her life, it just came natural. Jennifer didn’t have this effect on women. Most of her clients and friends were female, and none suffered the way men in her life did.

Jennifer had this response with the men in her family also. She felt she was “cursed.” At first she thought this was a past life carryover. Several past life regressions demonstrated that it wasn’t.

I admired Jennifer’s ethics from the very beginning. She didn’t suffer the effects she indirectly brought to her male victims. Jennifer wanted this scenario to change. It wasn’t her design to make men miserable, or to take advantage of them while they were in this compromised position.

She had tried just about everything from psychoanalysis to weekend retreats to rid herself of this curse. Spiritual protection techniques do work to neutralize these effects. It is more difficult to work with a psychic perpetrator, as compared to a victim. Jennifer worked conscientiously and well and was finally able to remove the curse she had exhibited most of her life.

The protection techniques presented in Protected by the Light will assist you in dealing with any form of psychic attack. Some simple approaches you can take to avoid being victimized by an energy vampire are:

  1. Keep your head inclined forward, and close your mouth when not speaking to this person.
  2. Look only at their left eye, when meeting their gaze.
  3. Fold your arms, cross your ankles or legs and place your folded arms across your solar plexus.
  4. Don’t sit or stand directly facing them. Here is a simple exercise to protect yourself from a psychic attack:

Imagine that your physical body is a honeycomb. You are so porous that any energy coming towards you will flow right through you without affecting you in anyway. Keep your attention completely focused on this image.

Now visualize a trap at the back of this honeycomb mesh screen. This receptacle traps any form of negative energy and immediately neutralizes it.

Perceive all of the negative energy that you are exposed passing through your aura without affecting you in any way. This negative energy now is trapped in this receptacle and is immediately neutralized.

We can all learn to strengthen our aura and protect ourselves and others against any form of psychic attack. This psychic protection also brings with it a form of empowerment like no other we have been exposed to. We can all finally learn to take control of our lives.

April 11, 2020 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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