One of the most exciting and spiritually uplifting techniques is an out-of-body experience. This form of astral voyaging is always preceded by a white light protection on my tapes so no paralysis or amnesia effects, so common with other techniques, will be experienced. This is better than an E ride at Disneyland. My books, Astral Travel Voyages and Peaceful Transition detail these techniques. Also my Conscious Dying training program and Astral Voyaging cassette album contains six tapes each on guiding you safely out-of-the body and back. You may travel to the astral, causal, mental, etheric or soul plane during this OBE. The Astral Travel workbook tells you how to recognize which dimension you are on. For instance, if you see blue highways you know you are on the mental plane. The soil on the mental plane is blue, and this soil is used in the construction of their roads, hence the blue highways.

Experience Your Past & Future Lives

Is it real or imaginary? Fact or fiction? Researchers have startling evidence supporting the past life experience, which, in turn, provide one with a sneak preview into a future life experience. Best selling author and hypnotherapist, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, will guide you through an exploration reincarnation, past life regression and progression hypnotherapy. He has conducted over 35,000 regressions and progressions. His popular book, Past Lives-Future Lives is the primary text on this subject and the basis for this experiential workshop. Learn how knowledge of past lives can help you explore the causes of present habits, problems or negative tendencies.

  • Learn about karma and quantum physics.
  • Empower yourself by custom designing and selecting your ideal frequency (path).
  • Switch to your ideal parallel universe and change your future.
  • Learn how to improve your relationships and attract a soul mate.
  • Learn how to contact your Guardian Angel.
  • See your past lives and get a sneak preview of your future of this life and future lives during the next 3000 years!

This work shop will be presented in a lecture format with a video tape presentation and a question and answer session during the first half of the program. After a short break the experiential session will be conducted, during which Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above mentioned goals.