Karmic Capitalism, Conscious Dying, and Hypnotic Times Travel Tapes

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Hypnotic Time Travel With Dr. Bruce Goldberg

A Six Tape Training Program

Age Regression

Return back in time to the earlier stage of your present lifetime and relive certain events from your childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. Some have used this tape to find lost items.

Past Life Regression

Dr. Goldberg guides you back into prior lifetimes and allows you to relive specific events. This tape also helps you to identify people you knew in past lifetimes in your current life. Names, dates, places and significant events and people can be brought out with this experience.

Future Life Progression

Many people believe future lives are predestined. Let Dr. Goldberg relax and mentally guide you through time and space into the future. You may choose to see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years from now in your current life. You will also be guided into future lives. Many find this journey to be a fascinating, enlightening as you may too.

Superconscious Mind

This tape opens up your ability to tap into your Masters and Guides and converse with them. An increase in your psychic awareness and abilities may also result from this conditioning. Find out answer to your questions as you tap into your own Akashic Records and receive information from your higher self.

Out Of Body Experience

Propel yourself into the astral plane and beyond as you leave your physical body and travel to other dimensions. Explore the planet Earth or other galaxies as you travel the speed of light. This tape is perfectly safe as it returns you to your present body from a most unusual trip.

Soul Plane Ascension

Rise up and beyond the lower five planes and the karmic cycle to the soul plane, where the soul stays in between lives and chooses its next lifetime. This tape goes beyond the superconscious mind tape and taps into the higher planes.

The Karmic Capitalism Program

A Six Tape Training Program

Positive Thinking and Actions – Eliminate cynical, defeatist and negative thinking as you become a doer and achiever, free of procrastination and attaining goals.

Leadership Development – Learn how to acquire and maximize your ability to lead others in professional pursuits.

Improve Creativity – Turn your creative projects, from writing to music and artistic pursuits, into a successful reality.

Assertiveness – Learn how to avoid being manipulated and begin the process of taking charge of your life.

Attracting Success – Learn how to create abundance and bring various forms of material rewards into your life.

Karmic Capitalism – Learn how to become financially independent while growing spiritually.