My out-of-body experience tapes are produced using the latest in sophisticated auditory technology to train the user to access the Higher Self or superconscious mind (alpha) and travel out-of-the body. Verbal instructions are carefully blended with New Age music to unite the left and right hemispheres of cerebral cortex of the brain. This synchronization of the brain and the creation of an alpha brain wave state (hypothesis) is the reason why I refer to this as ALPHA SYNC. Initially, my voice comes out of both speakers or headphones. Then you hear me speaking out of the left side only, then right and then both again.

These Alpha Sync tapes have no subliminal messages on them hidden by music or environmental sounds. Research during the past 20 years have demonstrated that subliminal tapes are no more effective than regular hypnosis cassettes.

The left voice and music works on the creative right brain, while the analytical left brain is reprogrammed by the right voice. Don’t try to listen to this combination, just relax and enjoy the experience. When the program is completed, I will guide you back to full alertness.

By using this advanced technology, this easy-to-use tape induces states of consciousness not readily available to our daily functioning. Research has demonstrated that each hemisphere of our brain controls certain functions of our mind’s potential.

The ALPHA SYNC technique in these self-hypnosis tapes produces a synchronization of these two brain hemispheres as demonstrated scientifically on the electroencephalograph (EEG), when both halves of the cerebral cortex are equal in amplitude and frequency simultaneously.

This effect occurs rarely in our normal everyday life, and when it does it only lasts for a very short times.

The versatility of ALPHA SYNC tapes enables you to assemble the resources of your subconscious and establish a connection with its perfect counterpart (the Higher Self or superconscious mind), both of which present alpha brain wave patterns on the EEG, for your use in an unlimited range of goals.

The 3-D Audio effect is produced by having two different music pieces heard by your brain at the same time, one from each headphone or speaker. This works along with the ALPHA SYNC effect to facilitate leaving the body (OBE).

  1. White light protection to prevent the paralysis and amnesia effects so commonly noted with classic OBE techniques.
  2. Enhanced ability to control and direct the OBE.
  3. A method to access your Akashic Records to review past lives or preview future lives, in addition to enhancing your spiritual growth
  4. Techniques are presented to establish contact with your Higher Self and masters and guides.
  5. Methods are presented to travel beyond the astral plane to the causal, mental, etheric or soul plane (where you select your next lifetime).

I recommend that you play this tape using any type of stereo headphones or while positioned between stereo speakers. You do not need the Dolby function of your player, so it is best that you turn it off.

Thousands of my past patients have stated that these tapes are the very best they have ever used. These satisfied and empowered soul have reported dramatic improvements in all aspects of their lives, in addition to very successful voyages to other dimensions.

The following tapes are produced using Alpha sync and cost $13.00 each for cassettes and $17.00 each for CDs.

  • Advanced Out-of-Body experiences.
  • Fifth Dimension Travel
  • Teleportation
  • Meet a Time Traveler
  • Guided Imagery Astral Voyage
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Consciousness Expansion
  • Establish Contact with Aliens
  • Ascension/State of Grace

Directions on How to Use My Tapes