Is Dr. Bruce Goldberg a Time Traveler?

Am I A Time Traveler?” Those of you who listened to my interview with Art on Coast to Coast AM on May 19/20 heard me discuss rumors being spread throughout the internet concerning whether or not I am a time traveler (chrononaut from the future). I stated several times on the air that I will neither confirm nor deny that rumor. Here are additional clues a to whether or not my origin is from the future.

If I am a time traveler, I most definitely would be from the 35th century when teleportation is developed as a means of time travel. Teleportation as a local means of transportation is established by the 25th century, as I discussed in my book Past Lives- Future Lives.

The 35th century is truly a golden age. More advance will be made technologically and spiritually in that century than in any other in history! The average age is between 500 and 900 years old due to an energy charging device called the alphasyncolarium that stimulates our adrenal glands and gonads to increase its production of the hormone DHEA. DHEA is a sex hormone that functions as a major component of our immune system and is described in detail in my book Look Younger, Live Longer.

During the Coast to Coast AM interview I briefly described Art’s past life in Atlantis at about 50,000 B.C. in which he was a geophysicist/quantum physicist named Drako. Drako developed mathematical models for time travel that were, in fact, accurate. He was married to Meirah (Ramona in her past life) and accurately predicted the first of three cataclysms for Atlantis.

The media (Atlantis had both radio and television) would not allow Drako (Art) to warn the population of this catastrophe. A medical TV reporter named Forat did grant Drako air time and many thousands of people were saved, including Meirah and Forat. Drako was killed, however. Forat was one of my former lives, so the devastating earthquake and flood did not end my past life, nor that of many others.

Drako and Meirah belonged to a religion that worshiped cats. The other main theology consisted of bull worshipers. You can now see many ties to Art’s current life. This information was obtained by me using one of my Access the Akashic Records tapes. The script is presented in my book Astral Voyages, or it could be known to me by reviewing 35th century archives.

The answer to the question am I a time traveler? I can only say that a true chrononaut takes an oath never to reveal that fact, unless it is an emergency to do so. To do so would be a breach of what is known as timeline international security laws that exist in the future. Chrononauts always seek to stimulate the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. The answer to the question am I a time traveler can best be determined by you. There are many clues in my books – Time Travelers From Our Future and Astral Voyages and additional hints will be developed during future interviews with Art. Stayed tuned and may the space-time continuum be with us.