Watch Dr. Goldberg in action

Attention TV Show Producers

Here’s a guest your audience will love!

Dr. Bruce Goldberg will hypnotize your host, crew or an audience member!

He will take them back to their previous lives!

He take them forward to their future!

One of the most powerful & entertaining segments you or your audience have ever experienced. They will talk about it for months!

pular guest who has appeared on many television shows across the country. In many instances he has conducted audience-stopping hypnosis demonstrations, like the time he hypnotized talk show host Eric Green, on FOX 2 in Oakland, CA. Dr. Goldberg took Eric back to his former life in 1902 when he was a factory owner living in London, and progressed Eric to the year 2050, where Eric is a successful Cardiologist. You won’t believe it until you see it!

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Watch Dr. Goldberg in action

In Dr. Goldberg’s own words: “For thirteen years I was a practicing dentist using hypnosis on my dental patients, while maintaining a separate and full-time practice using hypnosis to regress patients into their past and future lives. As my reputation spread, I gave up my dental practice and became the country’s only full-time hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression and future life progression (a field I developed).”

Goldberg is author of 20 best-selling and award winning books, including Past Lives, Future Lives. This book is the first book ever written on progression hypnotherapy (taking patients into their future lives). His second book, The Search For Gracel is based on the actual case history of a woman who solves her own murder from a previous life in order to avoid the same fate in her current life. This case has been fully documented and stands out today as one of the most documented cases of reincarnation. The bestseller was made into a television movie by CBS, and Dr. Goldberg served as consultant on the film.

Dr. Goldberg is also the world’s foremost authority on futuristic time travelers. His books, Time Travelers From Our Future and Egypt: An Extraterrestrial And Time Traveler Experiment are the only books written on true accounts of these futuristic time travelers.

Dr. Goldberg has appeared on Oprah, Regis, Jerry Springer, Montel, CNN, CBS News, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNBC and The History Channel, to name a few.  His print exposure includes The Washington Post, Time, and The Los Angeles Times. He has conducted more than 35,000 past life regressions and future life progressions since 1974, and has helped thousands of patients to empower themselves through the use of these valuable techniques.