Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment

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Chapter 1 Conventional Egyptian History vs. Forbidden Archaeology
2 Lemuria – The True Garden of Eden
3 Atlantis – Egypt’s Immediate Predecessor
4 Extraterrestrial Origins of Egypt
5 Time Travelers – The Main Source of Egypt’s Development
6 Hermes Meets Moses
7 Hypnosis Exercises


We have all been exposed to the conventional history of Egypt. Historians and Egyptologists clearly state that Egypt was first unified at approximately 3000 B.C., the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx were constructed at about 2500 B.C. and so on.

Although there were no transitional civilizations to account for Egypt’s phenomenal technological and artistic achievements, the establishment’s position remains dogmatically unchanged. Despite recent water erosion establishing evidence that the Sphinx must be at least 5000 years older than proposed, new history books are still clinging to old chronological paradigms.

Throughout this book we will learn the true origin of Egypt. Its history doesn’t go back a mere 5,000 or 6,000 years, but at least 18,000 years! Be prepared for some rather shocking revelations. We shall see throughout this book how Egypt developed under the influence of four main sources. These were:

• Lemuria (Mu)
• Atlantis
• Extraterrestrials
• Time Travelers

We shall explore in great detail how Egypt’s sudden rise was assisted by very advanced civilizations who came and went at various periods throughout Egyptian prehistory and history. Long before the first Egyptian scribe recorded events of their day, these highly advanced societies possessed technology equal to ours today. There was also considerable interaction with extraterrestrials and time travelers from our future.

We will also see how the Mystery schools developed and the mechanism of secret pacts made between the Egyptian priests, extraterrestrials and these time travelers. Men In Black (MIB) were active during these ancient times to repress esoteric knowledge from the masses, not unlike what occurs today. These MIB also performed clean-up operations to remove any evidence of advanced helpers to humanoid’s development.

Such topics as anti-gravity devices, Egyptian masonry, and other less frequently reported accomplishments, will also be thoroughly discussed. In writing this book I have researched psychology, mythology, religion, theosophy, Egyptology, quantum physics and the various esoteric traditions of the ages to arrive at my conclusions. We must not forget the many hundreds of past life regressions I conducted on my patients who lived in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Along with these are the UFO and time traveler abductees, who were kind enough to share their experience with my hypnotic regressions.

The fascinating concept of time travel is a constant theme throughout this book. For those of you that would like to experience this discipline yourself, chapter 7 presents several self-hypnosis exercises to guide you into the past or future. I quite realize that the material included in this book will be considered controversial and unbelievable to many. The scientific support for my conclusions are detailed and independently corroborated.

It is important for us to know and understand Egypt’s true origins, since all civilization modeled itself after it. The Greeks stole their mathematics, the Romans their military might and organization, and the rest of the world its very essence from its medicine to the concept of monarchies.

By studying Egyptian history we are truly looking into our own “Mirror of Karma,” since we have all had past lives there. Read on and discover both your past and your destiny.

Dr. Bruce's Bio  I  Talk Points