Dr. Bruce Goldberg's Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Q: Is a past life regression a form of possession?

A: Absolutely not. In cases of spirit possession it has been observed that the subject experiences a total change of personality, and appears to have been invaded by a separate entity. Its as if another soul has entered into his or hers body. The change of personality in a past life regression or future life progression is slight or entirely absent. In cases of possession, the subject takes on a whole new behavior. This person's individuality now vanishes, their voice becomes extremely low and a vulgar attitude that is fundamentally opposed to all acceptable ethical and religious norms is expressed. In a past life regression or progression, the subject remains their normal self. Possessed people immediately lose consciousness and a totally new and most often hostile personality manifests itself. This is not so in a past life regression or progression. The subject in a past life regression remains their normal self. No gross change of features is noted. To prevent any form of psychic attack, all of my metaphysically based tapes include a white light protection technique.

Q: How do I get out of the cycle of birth and death?

A: In order to ascend you must perfect your soul's energy. There are many ways of doing this. My book Peaceful Transition describes the process of conscious dying. There are several scripts presented in this book to assist you the asension process. In addition, my Conscious Dying Training Program is an easy to use 6 tape album specifically designed for this purpose. I also have an Ascension/State of Grace tape that will further train you to eliminate the karmic cycle.

Q: Why can't people consciously recall past lives without the assistance of hypnosis or meditation?

A: Some individuals do exhibit spontaneous past/future life recall. For most of us, however, the use of hypnosis or similar technique is required because the information we so desire is stored in our subsconscious. Our conscious mind proper never had a past life, so it has no memories of such. We must tap into our subconscious mind(soul) in order to retrieve information from our Akashic records concerning our past, parallel and future lives.

Q: Have we all had past lives?

A: Most definitelly. I have worked with over 14,000 individual patients conducting over 35,000 past life regressions and future life progressions since 1974 and I have not worked with anyone who hasn't had a past life. We have all had hundreds, if not thousands of previous existences. For example, everyone of us has lived in Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Egypt. Beyond that you will have to do your own past life regressions to elaborate further.

Q: Have people been animals in past lives?

A: In all of the 35,000 regressions and progressions I have personally conducted, there has not been a single case of a patient relating the life of a spider or a head of lettuce. Even the Buddhists state that once the human form is reached, the individual will not move back to a lower life form. This concept is termed transmigration.

Q: If there are no new souls, how can the world's increasing population be explained?

A: The soul is electromagnetic radiation and is able to split itself into equal components. This way it can learn karmic lessons and grow spiritually at a faster rate. For example, if our soul(oversoul) occupied three bodies(subsouls) for a mere 13 generations(390 years), one oversoul would be represented in over 1.5 million bodies!

Q: When does the soul enter the body from the soul plane?

A: The soul enters our body within 24 to 48 hours before or afer birth. This soul can, and will, leave the body frequently to learn from its Higher Self and Masters and Guides. All dream levels are OBEs, during which our soul is able to learn on the Astral Plane and grow spiritually, hopefully.

Q: Does a belief in reincarnation conflict with a belief in God?

A: I do not feel that karma and reincarnation conflict with any form of theism. I personally am a monotheist(believe in one God), and have never been more fulfilled or empowered since becoming involved with reincarnation as a therapeutic modality.

Q: Does one always improve in a succeeding life?

A: We always have free will. This gives us the option of improving or not, depending on our actions, thoughts and deeds. You do not necessarily improve with each lifetime. As they say on the airlines, "You have to earn your wings every day."

Q: Do we ever change sex in our past lives?

A: Yes, we live as both males and females. Whatever is necessary for us to learn our karmic lessons will be manifested. Throughout all of our past lives we will predominantly be one sex. About 75% of our lives are as this same sex. Some of the difficulties in changing sex may explain homosexuality and sexual dysfunction in present lifetimes.

Q: How do I know that these past life regressions aren't just wishful thinking, or my imagination?

A: A properly conducted past life regression by a competant hypnotherapist will elicit true data. Consider my famous regression of Ivy to the life of Grace Doze in Buffalo, New York in 1927. This woman was murdered by a man named Jake and her case was independently verified by a reasearcher hired by CBS television. This case aired as a movie of the week four times since its initial airing on May 17, 1994. If you would like to read about this fascinating case, order a copy of my book The Search For Grace, which was the basis of the movie.

Q: How do I find a qualified hypnotherapist?

A: That is a very difficult task. A reading of my books will give you a fairly substantial background to be able to ascertain whether or not your prospective therapist is knowledgeable. Your own feel for this person should factor in to your decision as to whether you can trust them. This field attracts quite a few energy vampires and phonies. My book Soul Healing lists a series of questions to ask your potential hypnotherapist.