Dream Your Problems Away, Heal Yourself While You Sleep

Dream Your Problems Away, Heal Yourself While You Sleep

by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg believes that dreams are as valid and relevant to our lives as our waking state. The only real difference is that our dreams take place on a different plane of existence, which is why it is so difficult to understand and decode them. But what if we could? What if you actually had the power to dream your problems away? Think of how rewarding, productive, and stress-free your waking hours could be!

"A wonderful resource for dreamers who wonder what they mean." - - - Barbara Simpson, Coast to Coast A.M.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg believes dreams are "A very healthy process. They're used to take charge of your life." USA Today - 11/15/02

Dream Your Problems Away focuses on training the reader to take charge of their lives. Our subconscious never really sleeps, and when our physical body is unconscious and resting our subconscious is free to travel to other dimensions. We only recall fragments of these excursions as dreams.

Dr. Goldberg does not place much value in dream interpretation, except by the dreamer themselves. A thorough discussion of dream world, and how it represents other dimensions is presented. This world of dreams is just as real as our physical realm. We can learn to use certain simple techniques to heal ourselves by mastering our dreams and dreaming our problems away.

Dream Your Problems Away surveys ancient dreaming methods, such as dream incubation, shamanic dreaming and yogic approaches. Out-of-body techniques are presented in the chapter on lucid dreams. Methods of seeing into the future are given, as well as methods to improve creativity and heal oneself. The dangers of "waking-sleep," or robotic functioning are also discussed.

We may look upon dream world as the fifth dimension and literally change our life by altering the content of these dreams. A culture that acts out their dreams the following day and has the lowest rate of psychopathology in the world, the Senoi of Malaysia, is thoroughly explored.

Many self-hypnosis and meditation exercises are given to assist the reader in both healing and empowering themselves. The research from sleep laboratories supports this field scientifically, and a summary of their work is depicted. A chapter on dream lovers trains the reader how to improve their sex life and current relationship.

In summary, Dream Your Problems Away teaches the reader how to:

  • Gain spiritual insights that accelerate their spiritual growth and psychic empowerment.
  • Explore and remove the origins of current-day problems.
  • Develop more love and understanding.
  • Improve creativity at all levels.
  • Facilitate the quality of personal and professional relationships.
  • Initiate healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Establish a harmony of body, mind and spirit (soul).
  • Discover the meaning of dreams and how they may reflect subconscious prejudices.
  • Improve sleep and dreaming through hypnosis and meditation.
  • Master your psychic abilities, such as telepathy, out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance, precognition and telekinesis.

This book is highly recommended for anyone interest in discovering more about themselves and the answer to their most valued questions. As with Dr. Goldberg's other books, therapists will find this a useful addition to their libraries.

Dream Your Problems Away: Heal Yourself While You Sleep by Dr. Bruce Goldberg
New Page Books
ISBN: 1564146340
224 pages.

Publishing Date: January 2003

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