Karmic Capitalism

Karmic Capitalism: A Spiritual Approach to Financial Independence

by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Karmic Capitalism will train the reader to become psychically empowered, financially independent and attain spiritual growth during this process. I refer to this combination as karmic capitalism. I discuss the concepts of limiting beliefs, affirmations, visual imagery and accessing our Higher Self to raise our consciousness and establish a foundation for karmic capitalism. The basic concepts of metaphysics and their relationship to spiritual growth are given. Many self-hypnosis exercises are presented to guide readers step by step through the techniques of karmic capitalism. I detailed exercises, too, for abundance, and train the reader in the art of prosperity consciousness. The culminating self-hypnosis exercise is given at the end of Chapter Five and is called karmic capitalism. The transformation of this corporate world into corporate karmic capitalism is presented in the last four chapters with examples of these principles. I also discuss several universal laws.

ISBN: 1579681220
Paperback, 6" X 9"
192 pages, $16.95
(World rights available)

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