Ancient Civilizations - Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt

by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

  • Learn about the history of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt of 20,000 B.C.
  • Discover how extraterrestrials and time travelers from our future helped shape these civilizations.
  • Learn about anti-gravity devices and nuclear wars in antiquity.
  • Learn the truth about the existence of Hermes and how he lived in all three ancient civilizations.
  • Travel back in time to explore your past lives in these ancient civilizations through hypnosis.
  • Learn how to facilitate your spiritual growth through knowledge of ancient civilizations.

This workshop will be presented in a lecture format with a question and answer session during the first half of the program. After a short break the experiential session will be conducted, during which Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above-mentioned goals.

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